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Skyline very progress

Skyline very progress

Postby SpiderMack » 11 Jun 2018, 19:48


We are already almost half year, and the ticket list did not changed, lot of tickets were put to low priority while medium priority didn't get worked on.
Instead some work went on the vegetation.
Many tickets are about making Skyline lot better, but they are not worked on, there are important ones like reflection probes, easy editable physics shapes editor, parenting objects and many more.

While another indie engine like S2 Engine understood best graphics doesn't make a game and they started working on the editor making it more usable and bringing gameplay first.

With slow progress i'm not sure Skyline will be ready for prime time on Steam this year.
I like Skyline a lot but i can't wait a lot again for it to get important things fixed and adressed to start considering it for a commercial game.
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Re: Skyline very progress

Postby cassius_b » 12 Jun 2018, 19:46

I don't think this engine is taking longer to develop than other fairly new ones. If they had more people working on it it would have to be more expensive.
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