Download Skyline video tutorials for offline viewing.

Downloading videos not in this section

Downloading videos not in this section

Postby epsilonion » 11 Oct 2016, 12:25


I thought I would put this here as it makes sense to mention it.

there is a way to download YouTube videos for offline viewing:

    * You can view the fill video and find it in the windows temporary directory (dont shut the window that it has been played from) once the full file has been buffered (downloaded).
    You can use external sites.

    * Using external sites such as is by far the easier way of doing things (you must adhere to any copyright applied to the video that your downloading)

These sites let you download in several formats MOV, MP4, 3GP and AVI, simply put in the URL of the video that you have searched for on YouTube or play one of tatties tutorials and right click > copy video URL and paste that in the URL field on the website.

It doesn't take long to convert and download and I think that tattie wouldn't mind you downloading them :lol:

Can this be sticked to the top please, pretty please.. please..
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Re: Downloading videos not in this section

Postby SolarPortal » 11 Oct 2016, 13:56

Stickied to the top of the forum.

Every topic poster can be set at the bottom of the post :)
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